Loan Details

(N/A) 1/15/16 7/22/16 Residential $160,000.00 USD 1 year 6% 844-742-9900 ext. 710

Jacksonville Beach Properties (3)

8931 Devonshire Blvd. / 4904 Princely Ave. / 1655 The Greens Way

Jacksonville, FL / Jacksonville, FL / Jacksonville Beach, FL
Total Loan Amount Total ROI (%) Length of Investment
$160,000.00 12% (annualized) 6 months (early payoff)

$355,000.00 (combined values)

Borrower offered three (3) properties as collateral for a cash-out refinance loan. Intended use of proceeds was the rehab of one house and purchase of another. Borrower completed all work, sold one property, then repaid the loan in full within roughly 6 months. The net-to-investor yield was increased due to the early payoff and subsequent compounding of the Lender Points paid.

Devonshire IMG_2215

Greens Way 1

Princely 1